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Relocating Your Children After a Divorce

Divorced parents considering relocation with the minor children should always consider these three simple factors--both for the sake of their case and for the sake of the children. Communicate with your child's other parent Think about your child's best interests Be prepared-get a plan This is a great read from the Huffington Post about relating after a divorce/separation.   Definitely consult an attorney before acting rashly.

4 years ago
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Minimum Parent-Time, A Break Down for Utah Custody
Minimum Parent-Time, A Break Down for Utah Custody

Minimum parent-time: What does it mean? If you’re trying to figure out parent-time in Utah, you’ll probably hear the term “minimum parent time” get thrown around a lot.  Basically, in an ideal world, parents decide for themselves how they’re going to co-parent their children after a separation.   Many parents are able to come to an amicable solution through negotiation with their lawyers and a mediator.

5 years ago
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